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National Ice Cream Month.

I read a newspaper and it told that July is...

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 It's been a long time sine I've post in this LJ.
Recently, I like to draw a pic that inspired by a song I listen.

And I like to draw a long stripe pic 'cause it's fit to my Thai blog. Haha

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Long time no see guys~


This entry at Hetalia

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Picture before Chirstmas

I have a test around Christmas day. T T"
So, I have to draw a pic to celebrate right now.

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SEA Games pic

There is SEA Games in Laos right now~~!!

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Frying pan-boy

I drew this picture for this aph_artcontest.

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Axis powers bar

Some pics before a test at the university on Monday. TvT

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Halloween and headphone

Happy Halloween 2009!

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Next two weeks, I have a test. OMG...


Hello, everyone My name is accel.

I'm new here and journal customizing made me sick. I think it'll take me some time to learn how to use it.
I'm Thai, sorry for my troublesome English. I'll try my best.

My hobby is sketching pictures, usually fan art from manga. Right now, I like to draw the characters from manga "Axis Powers Hetalia".

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Nice to meet you all.